D-I-Y ( D-I-Y BearBearQ, 3.5 Inch)

Do-It-Yourself BearBearQ. Creativity goes beyond your imagination. Customize your own BearBearQ today!
3.5" BabyQee DIY Angel Bear

7” BabyQee DIY (7 Inch D-I-Y BabyQee)

Need bigger Qee for a change? The 7” is just right for you.
I7" BabyQee DIY

3.5" BabyQee Competition

Register Now! BabyQee Custom Contest, Closing Date : 22 MAY 2010
Custom Contest

D-I-Y BoxooQ (D-I-Y BoxeeQ, 3.5 Inch)

Refrain yourself from thinking within the box. Customize your own BoxeeQ today!

Templet Downloads

Download the templet and start design it. (Get your BabyQee templates here and start sketching!)


Interior Design Consultancy
- Residential
- Retail Outlet

- Wedding
- Portraiture
- Lifestyle
- Event


Eightyfourcube Studio Gallery

"Come one come all, into 1984." - Talk Show On Mute, Incubus.Eightyfourcube started as a local art/design collective back in 2003 because of the bloody boring college life. Eightyfourcube was founded by Art:tech and Sly because they wanted to try something different just for the sake of adding some sparks into their student life. So, they gathered a few college friends that share the same amount of passion. Now, Eightyfourcube have 6 active members in the group; with different abilities and super powers. They were all delivered to the world in year 1984! (Except Supernab, and she's the only she). Eightyfourcube means a bunch of 1984-kids living in one ‘cube’, sharing designs and arts, thoughts and ideas, laughter and tears. It is basically about friendship and arts. 

Location: 28-2, Jalan Dagang 1/1A, Taman Dagang Ampang Malaysia, 6800
Phone: +60123534989


Wheel Love is all about wheels. 8, 4 even 2, it doesn’t matter to us, heck we’re even down with unicyclists. Active in, but not limited to the Malaysian skating scene, Wheel_Love aims to promote action sports to a wider audience.
Click on our PROJECTS page to see what we’ve been up to or visit our ONLINE SHOP to get some wheels underneath your feet.
Need more info? Speak to Sukeats (sukeats@WL33.com / +6012 296 1121) orWeiyeng (weiyeng@WL33.com)

Main Product.

The D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Baby Qees are for aspiring designers/artists who wish to use Qee as a 3D canvas to express their own original work; Qee allows self-expression and creativity through a unique format. Ones creativity has nothing to do with neither age nor profession. Get your hands on BabyQee today!

BabyQee Do It Yourself White Plastic comes in 2 sizes, 3.5” & 7” (Selected models only).

For any inquiry, kindly please contact any of our representatives.


M: +6016 297 6431

E: kenneth.fulltoys@gmail.com


M: +6016 633 6936

E: Eugene.fulltoys@gmail.com

Jay Sern

M: +6012 266 3133

E: J.fulltoys@gmail.com

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