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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Full Toys is holding a competition for Malaysia and International MITF 2010 in Short designers. The title of the competition is “QEE MADNESS CUSTOME TOY DESIGN CONTEST 2010” and it has the official support from all media and community support in Malaysia.

The aims of the contest is to encourage cooperation between Malaysia and International designers in the creation and development of their design for lifestyle products, and challenge for the contestants is to paint the 16” Qee figurine designed by Toy2R Holdings.


Entries are open to all designers, will have the opportunity to bring the 16” Qee figurine to life with their creative graphic designs. In order to participate on this contest designer will require purchasing any of Toy2R cutom DIY products and submit their entries before 9th of July 2010.

Entries will later be exhibited in the Mid Valley Exhibition and Convention Centre at MITF 2010.

The judges will select Top 10 finalist that will selected to join “Qee RUSH Custom Contest (Final)” for 2 days event in MITF 2010 and Winner will be present on 25 July 2010.

“One designer can design more than one design but they have to send in actual Qee design to:-
*All courier charges will be bare by the participan

100 designer will awarded with a Artist Edition 2.5” Qee Collection Series

RM 5,000 worth of Cash and Prizes to be Won
MITF 2010 Qee MADNESS & RUSH Contest Schedule

• Grand Opening of “Qee Madness Custom Toy Design Contest” on 1st June 2010
• Last day for entries to be submitted by 9th July 2010
• Judges select and announce 20 designs on 16th July 2010
• Qee Rush Contest begins on 24th July 2010
• Announcement of Grand Prize Winning designer on 25th July 2010

Term and Condition

1. Terms and conditions on www.fulltoys.blogspot.com form a part of these terms and conditions.

2. The Qualifying Qee Madness Custom Contest will start from Tuesday 1 June 2010 to Friday 9 July 2010

3. Closing date for Qee Madness entries is midday (GMT) on Friday 9 July 2010

4. Entry to the competition is free. Participant need to purchase any D-I-Y custom products from Toy2R and Design in order to participate.

5. The competition is open to everyone.

6. All prizes there will prize giving on Malaysia International Toys Fair on 24th and 25th July 2010, Entries fills up the form as it provided at www.fulltoys.blogspot.com. Participants will also be responsible for ensuring they are able to accept the prize, as set out and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

7. 100 Qualifiers Finalist will be announced on 15th July 2010 and 10 Finalist will be selected to a Qee Rush Custom Contest and the Winner will be notified during event date of Malaysia International Toys Fair on 25th July 2010. The winner has to arrive on that event date to confirm acceptance of their prize, otherwise The Independent reserves the right to the prize. If a winner cannot be contacted or is not available, Full Toys Enterprise reserves the right to draw another winner from the correct entries that were received before the closing date.

8. The prize is: RM 5,000 Cash and Prize to be Won with the Support from all Sponsar by Gempak Starz, Cut Out Mag

9. All are agree to:

a. To give Toy2R Holdings to use your design as a limited edition production run to be sold by Toy2R Holdings, Toy2R Holdings discretion.

b. To give Toy2R Holdings the right of exhibition and publication of yourDesign

c. To guarantee Toy2R Holdings that you have the copyright claims against your submission by any other designer.

d. If your design is chosen for production by Toy2R Holdings, to Accept

12 units produced and manufactured by Toy2R Holdings featuring your design, which are yours to keep in lieu of initial royalty payment.

e. To have your parent or legal guardian read and sign additional, if you are a minor.

f. Please sign and send your Qee design to:-

Visit and mailing
Dagang, 68000, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.


Mailing (Only):
Full toys enterprise, 45, Kiara Prencict 1/KS6, Bandar Botanic, 41200
Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

g. Unsigned designs will be not accepted. Design without this release
form will be not accepted. Remember to Sign and date this form.

10. Completion and submission of an online competition entry
form will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

11. Full Toys Enterprise reserves the right at any time to cancel,
modify or supersede the competition (including altering prizes) if, at its sole
discretion, a competition is not able to be conducted as specified. Full Toys
Enterprise reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal value in the event that

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

16" Qee Bear White plastic figure

"Yeah, that's right...here at TOY2R we aren't satisfied with simply making a DIY figure, we want to offer you the best figure possible...and that means for a lot of the artists out there...a bigger canvas! So by popular demand we bring you the classic Qee designs in their giant 16" scale. Ready to display or customize right outta the box....BEAR, TOYER, MON, DOG, and KAT Qees...."


Monday, May 17, 2010

Qee 4 All: MOLLY QEE SERIES 2 - Now Available!!

Qee 4 All: MOLLY QEE SERIES 2 - Now Available!!

By KennysWork

Price:RM 36.00

10" Inch KID666 by NADA ONE (Limited Edition)

10" Inch KID666 by NADA ONE

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide
Limit to 1 unit with Full Toys

Price: RM 360

Circus Punks Deviled EggQ by JIM KOCH

Circus Punks
Deviled EggQ
Grey Version

Limited to 100 pcs
Limit 1 unit with Full Toys

Price: RM 360

Gary Baseman 8" inch Qee Artist Collection (Limited Edition)

Bukingham Forest Bear
Orange Version

Limited only 300 pieces worldwide
Limit to 1 unit with Full Toys

Price: RM 480

Molly Qee Series 2 Available

From KennysWorks
is now Available

Main Product.

The D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Baby Qees are for aspiring designers/artists who wish to use Qee as a 3D canvas to express their own original work; Qee allows self-expression and creativity through a unique format. Ones creativity has nothing to do with neither age nor profession. Get your hands on BabyQee today!

BabyQee Do It Yourself White Plastic comes in 2 sizes, 3.5” & 7” (Selected models only).

For any inquiry, kindly please contact any of our representatives.


M: +6016 297 6431

E: kenneth.fulltoys@gmail.com


M: +6016 633 6936

E: Eugene.fulltoys@gmail.com

Jay Sern

M: +6012 266 3133

E: J.fulltoys@gmail.com

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